May 24, 2009

a good HEART...

Few weeks ago I asked "someone" about "someone else" that I haven't seen for years. I don't even remember why I did, it was so random!
Today I was told that that "someone else" has passed away ...

Its funny (not in a ha ha way, but more of an ! way ...) that life goes on as usual; people talk about each other, falling out of touch, building status walls between each other, and trying to keep away as much as possible from this (not so cool) or that (weirdo) ... but when we get the news that that "someone else" whom we rejected was no longer there! ... people start to talk again ... as usual; its too early to have lost them, they were so nice always caring, so misunderstood, and what a good heart...
Well I guess that's life ... May "Allah" have peace upon "someone else" 

Jan 31, 2009

Taking the future .. One step at a time

Dec 11, 2008

Mirbat, Oman

Dec 2, 2008

Light Camera Action...

Dec 1, 2008

Three Generations

This photo is an example of when good ideas go bad. What captured my attention when I saw the three men was how they were all framed separately with the Aluminium window frames behind them, each with their own story to tell, yet integrated through their body language. 

Well I learned that, to be a good photographer, I have to step out of my comfort zone to get the shot!

Nov 20, 2008

An Incomplete .............. by me

When I was younger I enjoyed so many things ... one of which was "Art". I don't really know what happened in between now and then, but I drifted away (far far away)... 

I decided to try and catchup with an old passion of mine and maybe I can pick up where I left few years ago .... 
Its been a while now and I still could not "bridge" that gap that seems to grow wider as I try to come closer...

Well , maybe someday ....



Nov 17, 2008

Just a Reminder!

I took this photo in Kenya before i got deeper into photography. 

I was reading an article on how to  take control of your life (not that my life is outta control) and somewhere through the article it says that in order to reach our goals in life we have to constantly remind our selves of our destination, where we want to end up ( words totally rewritten by me, but u got the meaning).

Well this photo pretty much sums up one of my goals in life and It will always be a reminder whenever things don't go as easy or as planned..that no matter how long your route may be.. concentrate on your destination.